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Jan 05, 2016 · Why I Chose To Be Happy Because this is your only life. Meredith Bennett Jan 05, 2016 University of Southern Mississippi 10623 There comes a time in our lives where we choose. We chopse which college to attend, we choose whether or not we like waking up early to get coffee in the mornings, and we choose whether or not to study for exams in school.. . .


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Jul 16, 2021 · I Choose You Quotes And Messages. “I had choices but I chose you.”. I Choose You Quotes For Him. “I didn’t choose you, my heart did.”. “Out of 7.125 billion people, I chose you.”. “If I could choose again, I’d still choose you.”. “I love you enough to never make you choose.”. “Because no matter what, I’d still choose .... . Sep 01, 2016 · 1.Be happy and Smile. Originally posted by Quotesgram. This is a number one rule for all of us. In order for us to be happy, we should smile. A smile is a curve in our body that shows a person’s sexiness. 2. Create your own Happiness. Originally posted by Jarrod Inspires. All of us is responsible for our own happiness..

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The world deserves nothing less than my authentic happiness. Let us live in such a way that our happiness is beneficial to the whole world. May my happiness be a gift to my friends and my family. I am free to choose to be happy. I am peaceful, happy, healthy, and free to be me. I am happy now and in all future moments.. . .

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So choose happiness for the people who love you. It will make your relationships much more enjoyable. 2. Life could change dramatically at a moment's notice. The thing about life is it's completely unpredictable. Any of us could wake up tomorrow and lose our job, lose someone we love or realize we have a life-threatening disease. . .

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. Truly happy people know that happiness is a personal choice. They choose to be happy every day and they are because they have found happiness in themselves. Truly happy people understand that happiness is not found in material possessions. They are not letting themselves be influenced by other people. Truly happy people refuse to be happy only when things happen their way. .

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. . "I will choose you, even when you make me mad. My love for you won't fade simply because we are angry. I know we will fight, we will be frustrated, we will be human. Still, I will go to battle for you. Still, I will choose you." "I will choose you, even when a smile is far from your face, even when you are angry and bitter.

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